8 Hrs battery backup
₹ 13,900.00

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Description -

How to use -

Step 1: Charge the device for 4 hours ( please note keep the device in on position during charging )

STEP 2: Insert the earpiece into your ear and set the earpiece mode in the vest ( in the GSM module located in the lower middle of the vest there is one sliding switch along with the on/off switch )

Step 3: Insert any GSM sim excluding Jio and turn the device on. Wait for 10 seconds for the network set up ( once you turn on the device there will be ringing sound in the earpiece )

Step 4: Now when someone gives a call to the particular sim number that you inserted in the GSM vest then the call will get automatically picked up and you will be able to listen to that person's voice through the earpiece and there is MIC in the neck area of the vest through which you will be able to talk.


That's all.

Features - 

  • 6 Hours battery backup

  • Highly sensitive MIC

  • Auto call receiving Function

  • Both types of earpiece supported 

Box contains -

  • GSM combine vest 

  • Charging Cable 

  • 2 X Nanomagnetic earpiece 

  • 1 X Iron stick for taking out earpieces from ear 

  • 1 X MICSPY electronic earpiece