GSM Bynyan Single Sim Premium Model  MicSpy earpiece

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8 Hrs battery backup
₹ 10,900.00

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Complete set includes-

1 X GSM banyan
1 X Spy earpiece ( Electronic type - MICSpy )

2 X earpiece cell
1 X Charging Cable /

1 X Charging Adapter
1 X User Manual

How to Use -
1st step - Connect the charger with the Banyan and keep it charging for 3 to 4 hours.


2nd step - After charging the banyan insert SIM into the GSM Module and turn the device on using the On/OFF button located in one side of the GSM module. ( Keep pressing the button for 4 to 6 seconds for turning the device On or Off )


3rd Step - Now install cell into the earpiece. Use the same cell as mentioned in the package. Each cell will work up to 4 hours and after every 4 hours, you need to use a new cell


4th step - You need to wear the banyan so that earpiece can produce the sound properly.


That's all - Now whenever you receive a call to that sim number used in the banyan the call will be auto answered and you will be able to listen and talk with that person.