Spy nano earpiece with GSM neck loop complete set

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3 to 4 Hrs battery backup
₹ 6,500.00

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Description -
This one is a complete set of GSM neck loop having a battery backup of 3 to 4 hours with Nanomagnetic earpiece!!

The size of the earpiece is only 2.5 mm * 2 mm, It's so small that it will touch the eardrum and will not be visible from outside. 

The loop set is GSM-based - supports both 2G and 3G sim cards. ​

Features - 

  • 4 Hours battery backup

  • Highly sensitive MIC

  • Auto call receiving Function

Working -

  1. Insert the SIM card and connect the charger and keep it connected for 2 hours. During charging there will be blinking of red LED in the BOX and after completion Blinking will stop.

  2. Insert the magnetic earpiece into your ear. You can use 2 earpieces in the same ear or can insert one earpiece each ear.

  3. Wear the neck loop and let anyone call to the number you used in this device. The call will automatically be picked up and you will be able to hear the sound in your ear.

  4. There is MIC in the loop BOX through which you will be able to say anything to the other person.

Box contains -

  • GSM Neckloop 

  • SIM card adapter

  • Charging Cable 

  • 2 X Nano earpiece 

  • 1 X Iron stick for taking out earpieces from ear